Humans need Humans to Survive.  We need connection, a sense of belonging and a sense of purpose in order to live a happy and fulfilling life.  Without our people, our tribes and circles – we become disconnected from our sense of self and cannot bring our best selves to serving our Clients or Communities through our businesses.

Hi!  I’m Rebecca
And I’m an Advocate for the Health and Wellbeing of both Small Businesses, and the People who run them.

I’ve been involved in the Financial Services industry since 1999 and have always had a keen interest in Accounting, Problem Solving, Analysis and Balancing Books!

I remember my days as a Finance Broker – I LIVED for those new client applications that required deep dive analysis into financial statements to determine serviceability and then to demonstrate that serviceability to our Financiers.

The commencement of my career as a Finance Broker set me up with the knowledge that where Small Business is concerned, finances do indeed make the world go around.

I started my journey as a small business owner in November 2013 when I realised the skills and passion I possessed could service more than a single business as an employee and would also provide me with more freedom and flexibility in my working arrangements.

I am a Registered BAS Agent and am currently finishing off my Diploma in Accounting which will be shortly followed by a Certificate IV in Life Coaching (specialising in Business and Wellness).

Knowing how efficiently a business can be run with the right suite of systems and people involved is key to ensuring its financial stability, ability to embrace growth opportunities and providing you with the flexibility and freedom to live your desired life.

I’m passionate about small business and building fulfilling connected relationships. I’m passionate about the people who run those businesses and ensuring they feel supported and have a sense of belonging in their communities.

It all starts with us and our Small Businesses – we’re the backbone of our local communities and our country’s economy.

Now more than ever, Small Businesses need support with navigating the ever-changing government landscape, managing their cash flow and ensuring their compliance and payroll are up to speed.

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