My name is Rebecca and I’m an Advocate for the Health and Wellbeing of both Small Businesses, and the People who run them.

I believe that humans need humans to survive. We need connection, a sense of belonging and a sense of purpose in order to live a happy and fulfilling life. Without our people, our tribes and circles – we become disconnected and purposeless, slaves to our Businesses. Lost.

I believe that Disconnection is one of the leading causes of Mental Health Issues in our world today.

I started my first business in November 2013 after experiencing the negative effects that working for a business owner with poor ethics, no regard for financial responsibility and lack of organisation can have on a team’s workplace, culture and mental health.

I believe that by being authentic, vulnerable and trusting in our ability to connect with, and feel supported by, our advisors and peers, we are able to grow and thrive as individuals in today’s evolving business landscape.  Cultivating nourishing relationships, confident in our abilities to ‘Adult’ and be successful business owners who embrace collaboration over competition.

After 6.5 years, and my own personal life and career experiences, I’ve realised that even though my business was providing high end and highly accurate bookkeeping & BAS services, supporting our clients with their financial compliance and historical reconciliations – it’s simply not enough to help save small businesses in Australia in this economy. 

Nor is it enough to create a harmonious working environment or a rewarding enterprise for a business owner.

Yes, Clients are meeting their tax obligations and keeping on top of their day to day financial processing, however, that single aspect is only part of a much larger picture when it comes to running a small business and managing finances.

While cloud systems are making it much easier to run a business, keep your finger on the pulse and plan for the future, it’s of no use if you don’t have clarity surrounding that future and which paths to take to get there.

I’m passionate about small business and building fulfilling connected relationships.  I’m passionate about the people who run those businesses and ensuring they feel supported and have a sense of belonging in their communities.

It all starts with us and our Small Businesses – we’re the backbone of our local communities and our country’s economy.
Now more than ever, Small Businesses need support with navigating the changing government landscape, cashflow, bookkeeping, compliance and payroll. 
The individuals who run those businesses also need to feel supported and connected with their communities and peers – it’s not just about the mechanics anymore,  it’s about the People.

Because it all starts with Us