Meet our Mascots!

Some of you may be wondering what the geeky looking dragons are all about.  You know, the ones that are present on just about all of Sprout’s branding and service pages?  

I completely understand if you feel they’re a tad immature (or just plain weird), but let me explain…..

During my period of personal development, self-reflection and subsequent awakening, I met my inner child and came to understand who I am, why I am the way I am and what I need to do to be my best self every day. 

In order to be my brightest and bubbliest, I surround myself and my messages with vibrant energy and fun experiences.  People who inspire me, behaviours that are in line with my values and experiences that light me up – during these times, I am able to share my energy and my best self in service to my community, clients and peers.

I believe in having fun in business, life is so much more joyous and fulfilling when you see it through happy emotions and the Dragons help to bring those feelings to the forefront of my business.

I know that Sprout is not for everyone.  It’s bright and bubbly and full of crazy fun enthusiasm – not at all what ‘traditional’ businesses are meant to be or how they’re meant to behave, right?

Fundamentally, Sprout is a business that provides valuable services and support for Small Business Owners across Australia; I just believe in delivering it a different way.  And that, my friends, is called Innovation.

So I introduce the Dragons, who represent the three most painful areas in Business.  In their very geeky and approachable form.

Learn to befriend, understand, and work with them, in the backs of your minds, so you can bring your best self to your business every day.

Maurice the Money Manager

Maurice is here to guide us through knowledge and awareness of all things finance in our businesses.  From Bookkeeping & Compliance through to Cashflows.

Edward the Educator

Edward is here to help us understand the foundations of running a good, healthy and profitable business.  He’ll help you keep your eyes on the prize.

Sophie the Mindfulness Mentor

Sophie plays a crucial role in educating us about the best ways to look after our personal minds and selves, so we can give 100% to achieving our businesses and lifestyle goals.

Because it all starts with Us