Hi!  I’m Rebecca!
Rebecca Gadd - Sprout Business & Wellness

My job is to provide you with access to the tools and resources you need to ensure your business is serving its true purpose.

Our businesses are the tools we use to build the lives we desire through the generation of revenue and ultimately, Profit.

If your business is not fulfilling its purpose we need to sit down and work out why – then implement systems and strategies to set it back on the right path.

The health of your Business is crucial in its ongoing ability to support you.

I’m a small business owner, just like you, who has experienced the trials and tribulations that being an entrepreneur entails.  I started my business in November 2013 and yes,  I have failed, I have made mistakes, struggled with cashflow, burnout, depression, imposter syndrome. I have repeatedly fallen over and persistently gotten back up again.

Being in business has taught me to be resilient. To dust myself off and try again. To recognise that hindsight is not a bitch at all, but is rather our teacher, highlighting the lessons to be learned along our journey’s as small business owners.  

Failing, and learning from failure, has allowed me to grow and evolve so I could build a business that is intentional, human and joyful.

Intentional in that it lets me work towards the life I desire. Human in that it allows me to be authentic, connect with and create meaningful relationships with my community and Joyful in that I am fulfilled in the work I do and the people I engage with.

My Journey…

In July 2020 I had the pleasure of being interviewed by the Centre for Rural & Remote Mental Health on the topic of mental health in rural and regional small businesses.

This blog outlines my journey as a small business owner and the realness of being a human in business.  I shared this with the public because I wanted others to see that you can come out the other side when catastrophe and life crises appear, despite feeling that the complete opposite is true.

I invite you to read my story, as published by CRRMH on their Blog Here and thank them for this program and for helping to spread awareness about mental health and offering support to those in need.

Having grown up in a rural area and worked with clients in regional areas, I have a good understanding of the stigma that surrounds the topic of depression and mental health in regional business. Having experienced my own journey through life trauma and mental health gives me added insight to the perils of being human in business and has shown me how we can evolve to improvise, adapt and overcome adversity.

Because it all starts with us