Workshop your Profit!

On the 3rd of September Sprout is hosting an interactive workshop to help you get intentional with your finances.

Would you like to learn how to purposefully manage the cashflow of your business?

How would it feel to know exactly where every cent was to be spent in order to maximise operational efficiencies and ensure your financial success?

Our businesses are here to serve us, not the other way around.  They are here to serve a purpose – to allow us the financial and time freedoms required to build a life by design. A life of joy, purpose, fulfilment and gratitude.  Our Dream Life 🥰

In order to be intentional in how you build your business, you need to know that your finances are in order and are able to support you in your general day to day operations, in addition to future growth and development.

This is why Sprout is such an advocate for the Profit First methodology.  The system is built for the growth of intentional and profitable businesses.  It works with you to build solid money management habits that ensure all funds coming into your bank account are given a purpose – this includes paying you profits.

Sprout’s Vision is to help create Nourished, Profitable and Connected Small Business Communities

Why? Because our small businesses are the backbones of our communities.

Healthy, profitable businesses inject our economies with the resources we need, as individual members of those communities, to nourish, grow and thrive in life.

Sprout provides access to the resources they need to ensure their financial foundations are strong and their businesses are intentional, fulfilling and profitable.

Only 10 Tickets Available!
Key Takeaways:


The BusinessHUB
Albury Business Connect
512 Swift Street, Albury NSW 2640

9am – 12pm, Friday, 3rd September 2021

Because it all starts with us