Clarity Coaching

Do you ever wonder if you’re doing it right?
All of us have been confused and overwhelmed at some point in time along our journey as small business owners.

Are you experiencing sleepless nights about your fledgling business idea? Or is your business quietly starting to get the best of you?

Is your inner critic in the driver’s seat, telling you all the reasons why you CAN’T?

Are you throwing your hands up in the air because it’s all too hard, you’re too confused and are ready to give up?

Or perhaps it looks like burnout, overwhelm and the loss of that little spark you once had for your entrepreneurial dream?  

All of us have been confused and overwhelmed at some point in time.
There are various phases in our lives when making decisions becomes difficult and as a small business owner, you are no exception – this is a perfectly normal stage in your growth and development as a successful entrepreneur.

Let’s take you from Chaos to Clarity
So, What’s a Clarity Coach?

A Clarity Coach is someone who helps people who have gotten sidetracked or have lost their passion and purpose for business find their way again.

Whether that be by supporting them with filling gaps in their knowledge or by helping to bring them back from overwhelm, Clarity Coaches help you get grounded, refocused and reset in your vision and purpose.

They use coaching techniques to help clients get a clear view of their current situation and work with them to get back on track to achieving those goals.

Quite often, we become so overwhelmed with our To Do list and what we ‘think’ we are supposed to have achieved as a business owner, (tired of hearing that everyone else has hit six figures yet?) we forget that this is our personal journey and should not be compared to anyone else’s.

We need a guiding hand to bring us back to our journey, and an accountability partner to help ensure we stay in our own lane.

Common topics that are covered:
  • What’s Next? Where do you start? How do you start?
  • What do you really want from your Business? 
  • Your Why, Vision, Values and how they should drive you in your business
  • Is your business going to generate Purposeful Profit?
  • Assessing your Financial Foundations
  • What’s your message? How do you Serve?
  • What are all the ways you can help your clients?
  • Your Inner critic and losing faith
  • No Question is EVER a Silly Question
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