Your Money

It’s critical that you learn to manage your money effectively if you wish to grow and thrive in today’s challenging small business landscape. 

Having accurately reconciled figures is an absolute must as is having up to date data and the knowledge of what your numbers actually mean, and what to do with them.

Specialising in virtual and cloud bookkeeping, and providing much more than your average bookkeeping service, Sprout aims to help you interpret, manage and take control of your financial data, enabling you to make more informed decisions about the future growth and direction of your business (and get some sleep at night!)

How many of you went into Business to manage your record keeping? Lodge a BAS? Setup an Accounting system? 😳

Do you currently experience any of the following in your Business? 

  • 🍃 Your bank reconciliations don't match your bank statement?
  • 🍃 Your don't know where all your money goes?
  • 🍃 You can clearly see your Books are a mess?
  • 🍃 You have no way of knowing what funds you have available?
  • 🍃 You're behind on your BAS & Tax because you don't have time to do your books?
  • 🍃 Running out of Money when you least expect it?
  • 🍃 Behind in paying your Suppliers and/or Staff?
  • 🍃 You're not confident your figures are accurate so cannot make financial decisions?
  • 🍃 You don't know the difference between having Cash on Hand and a Profit?
  • 🍃 You're spending valuable time trying to learn Bookkeeping?
  • 🍃 Your annual accounting fees are through the roof?
  • 🤓 Sprout can help 🤓

Sprout is able to provide a suite of services catered uniquely to your business needs.  Depending on where you are in your business journey, and what aspirations you have for your own future, bundled services can be designed to support you during the next stage of business growth. 

This may be a full system review and optimisation, catchup and repair work on your bookkeeping, training in how to use Xero, BAS Processing Services, Cashflow forecasts, Budgets, Profit Planning, Financial Awareness Coaching or simply an annual review before you give your Accountant the green light on your tax work.


It’s absolutely fine not being on top of your books or not knowing how to login to your accounting program.  We can’t be experts in all areas of our business however if you’re not taking care of it properly – someone else needs to.

Some things in our businesses should just be left to the experts – our time and energy is best spent serving our Clients and generating revenue.

Explore how Sprout can help you manage your money better 

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