Nourish Grow Thrive

Nourish your Mind, Grow your Business, Thrive in Life

Nourish Grow Thrive is a 6-month intensive mentoring program for entrepreneurs in the health & wellness space wishing to beat the feast and famine cycle in their businesses by implementing the Profit First System.

Not for the half-hearted, this program will take you through 4 phases of implementing Profit First in your business; providing you with a money management system that relieves you of financial stress, organises your cashflow and ensures your business is serving its true purpose – providing you with profit.

In alignment with Sprout’s Values and Ethos, this program doesn’t just focus on your Business. It also dives into your wants and needs as a human, ensuring you are clear on your own ideal life balance and your financial and lifestyle goals are being met.

Nourish Grow Thrive takes you from Chaos to Clarity, Identifies your Feast and Famine Cycles, Up-Levels your Money Management Skills and Gets your Business paying for your Bucket List!

About the Program...

Phase 1 - The Profit Assessment

The Profit First Assessment is the initial review of your finances.
This is the most crucial step in adopting the Profit First System as it tells us where your money is currently flowing within your business, highlights areas of concern and where improvements can be made.
Once reviewed, we then create a roll out plan with recommended financial adjustments that will result in your business working FOR you instead of AGAINST you – in its purpose of generating personal profit.

Phase 2 - From Chaos to Clarity

The Chaos to Clarity Phase takes you through what currently is, and is not, working for you in your business and your life.  This workshop forms a critical step in the overall success of the program as it provides you with Clarity and Purpose. 
Clarity surrounding your business, finances and lifestyle goals and purpose in your future decision making and actions.  Once clear in these areas, we have a baseline to measure from AND a vision to work towards.

Phase 3 - The Feast & Famine Cycle

During this phase of the program, we review your money habits and patterns to determine how healthy your business profits are and whether it is financially sound. 
At this point in time, we also use the Profit First System to work out what your total real revenue should be in order to meet your desired income goals (determined in the previous phase of the program), required business expenditure is, and of course, set yourself up to comfortably pay the Tax Man.

Phase 4 - Purposeful Profit

After the first three phases are complete and we have an action plan fine-tuned for YOUR business and lifestyle goals – we ramp up implementation.
This phase is the longest (4. months) and is all about creating better habits around your finances and managing your money purposefully and with intention. 
Money is a resource and it has a job to do.  Following phase 4 you will be well on the way to owning a profitable business that easily funds your desired lifestyle, be clear on your goals and have an evolving plan on how to achieve them.

The beautiful thing about Profit First is that it’s not implementing massive change overnight, but rather building better money management strategies and organisation around your money habits over time which lead to lasting results.

It is for this reason that the minimum commitment period for this program is 6 months.  You are not alone in your journey in implementing Profit First as Sprout is constantly reviewing, supporting, guiding and holding you accountable.


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Profit is not an event, it’s a Habit
~Mike Michalowicz

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