What is the Cloud?

Cloud Computing, often referred to as simply “The Cloud”, is the delivery of on-demand computing resources – everything from applications to data – over the Internet on a pay-for-use basis.

Cloud computing consists of hardware and software resources made available on the Internet as managed third-party services. These services typically provide access to advanced software applications and high-end networks of server computers.

Xero, Vend & Receipt Bank are perfect examples of Cloud based systems – so is your internet banking. The information is kept with the program; you don’t need to locate your data file on your office server or desktop computer.

You can access these programs from any device that has an Internet connection at anytime that is convenient to you.

The Cloud.
Anything, Everything, Anywhere.

All of our data is securely stored in the Cloud; emails, documents and even our calendars and contact databases. We can create and invite you into your own personal folder, where you can leave data for us to process, and we can leave data for you to review. Features we love about Cloud Computing include:

  • Ease of accessibility
  • The office is accessible everywhere
  • Secure storage
  • Highly secure (passwords to access passwords)
  • Synchronization across ALL devices.

Benefits of Cloud Bookkeeping

One of the main benefits of cloud bookkeeping is that it saves heaps of time. Not only for your bookkeeper, who no longer has to manually input any transactions for reconciliation, but also for you as the business owner.

You won’t have to travel to see your bookkeeper to pass on any of your latest paperwork or receipts, nor will you have to spend time having to talk them through what’s been happening with your business.

If your bookkeeper normally comes to you, this will save them travel time and leave them free to spend more time working on your business instead of wasted travelling time to and from your office.

They also won’t have to spend hours on site with you to go through all your paperwork – everything is uploaded and stored in the cloud, ready for them to log in and start working through. No more trying to magic up a space for them to work, having to keep them caffeinated or having to work around them for hours. You can get on with your business and they can take care of your bookkeeping.

Using a cloud based bookkeeper means that everything is done in real time – so there are no hidden receipts or invoices that need to be explained or manually entered. Your bookkeeper will already know what’s happening within your business financially because everything is automatically saved to the cloud.

They can work on your business more regularly so when it comes to BAS time and tax time, they don’t have to spend countless hours wading through paperwork and accounts. They’ll have been keeping on top of it all year round.