Cashflow Forecasting

Cashflow is King – there is absolutely no denying this simple fact of business.Β  Without cash in our coffers, the wheels in our businesses generally do NOT go round and round – they fall off and leave us sitting in the wayside wondering what on earth just happened…..

Having cash in the bank is critical to your business’s growth.Β  But in order to grow, you need to spend it right?

A Cashflow Forecast is designed to help you plan out your businesses finances, it helps you to look forward in your business with confidence and peace of mind knowing you have your rainy days covered – or can see what’s coming and can prepare for it.Β 

It’s about better money management and ensuring your business is sufficiently funded in order to grow and help you achieve your goals.

Because a Best Guess simply isn’t Good Enough!

Key Benefits in having a Live Cashflow Forecast

Let’s Dig a Little Deeper….

Sprout works with you to create a living, breathing Β Cashflow Forecast using an online, cloud-based platform that integrates directly with your Xero system.Β  If your Xero data is a little on the untidy side, this will be a perfect opportunity to tidy it up so it works for you, not against you.

We set up your Cashflow forecast, review the settings and either train you in how to use the platform moving forward, with monthly reviews or take more of a CFO role and liaise with you on a fortnightly basis to review your performance and keep you on track with your financial goals.


Package options include:

DIY Package:

πŸ’° Initial establishment of your Base Scenario Cashflow Forecast

πŸ’° Training Session in how to run the system

πŸ’° Monthly Accountability & Review Meetings

πŸ’° Email support between sessions

⏰ 6 Month Engagement

Managed Package:

πŸ’° Initial establishment of your Base Scenario Cashflow Forecast

πŸ’° Initial Review & Adjustment of your Cashflow following setup

πŸ’° Periodical forecast updates ~ weekly/fortnightlyΒ 

πŸ’° Monthly Accountability Sessions to review Actuals v Budgets

πŸ’° Includes software subscription

⏰ 12 Month Engagement 

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