Xero Cashbooks

Xero Cashbooks

Simple Solutions for Simple Problems

Small Businesses often start out using Excel to track and manage their income and expenses – but it’s only useful up to a certain point.  Your books are a tool that need to be used to help your business grow and develop from a startup to a budding empire, and upgrading to a cloud facility not only streamlines your accounts management, it saves you time, money and headaches come end of quarter and end of year.

Xero Cashbooks is a base level Partner Edition only available through Certified Xero Advisors.  It’s perfect for those businesses who need a little something to manage their accounts more efficiently, don’t need to invoice anyone, and don’t have to schedule creditor payments.  It’s purely a Cash In – Cash Out records management system, but still has most of the features of the Mainstream editions of Xero.

Bank Data is still fed directly into your file, Bank Rules can still be established and all Tracking facilities are still available to effectively manage more in-depth analysis.

Why Using Xero is better than Using Excel for Micro Business Management

  1. Your Business’s real time data is kept in the one place, easily accessible from the main Dashboard.
  2. Your Bank Data is accurate – fed directly into Xero from you Bank, there is no room for human error.
  3. Informative reporting – get a clear picture of the performance & cash position of your business at any given time.
  4. Easy access to your data from ANY device with an internet connection.
  5. The interface is clean, easy to use and gives you valuable information on the spot.
  6. With Bank Feeds activated, half the work is done for you, saving you valuable time in reconciling your accounts.
  7. Xero integrates with other cloud solutions to provide even more functionality and customisable systems to meet your needs.

Many of our clients use Cashbooks for their personal finance management, easily set budgets, forecasts and track where all your money goes – it doesn’t have to be just for business!

Cashbooks is also a fantastic system to use for managing property investment portfolios – using a detailed chart of accounts and Xero’s tracking functions, Tax Time will be a breeze with figures easily extracted from end of year reports.

What’s $19 a month to you? Peace of Mind? Absolutely!

The Cashbooks Subscription is a $19 per month investment.  Obtaining your subscription is easy, get in touch to discuss your needs and we’ll get you set up and ready to go in no time!
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